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Mar 9, 2019

Dr. Steven Hail teaches economics at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He and host, Steve Grumbine, unpack the IPCC report on the global climate threat and discuss ways to avert the coming crisis. Policy & technology wonks are in for a treat as Dr. Hail talks of the possibility of pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and averting solar radiation. Hail insists on the need for public investment in renewables. Not only do we need green electricity, we need to actually use it. He suggests radical measure like confiscating or nationalizing all coal production.

Both Dr. Hail and Steve Grumbine are proponents of Modern Monetary Theory. As they imagine the ideal society, considerations of fiscal balance and the GDP are the least important measure of success. Their focus is on prosperity and sustainability. They pose the big question: can the scale of economic activity continue to grow without destroying the planet?

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Check out Steven's book "Economics for Sustainable Prosperity"

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