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May 18, 2019

Steve’s guest is Brian Romanchuk, founder of the blog, He is known for, among other things, his detailed technical rebuttals to critics of Modern Monetary Theory. Brian became interested in MMT because, as a data analyst in the bond market, it was the first macroeconomic theory that made sense. It actually matched what he saw, on a daily basis, in the real world. 
After a look at the history of post-Keynesian thought, Steve asks him to delve into the nuts and bolts of bonds. Those familiar with MMT understand the role of Treasury bonds, but Brian gives us an overview of other types of public and private bonds. Along the way, he compares US state and Canadian provincial governments & municipalities, and their relative power over the local economies. 
And we can’t talk with a Canadian without discussing single-payer health care. Brian shares his thoughts on the economic impact of removing private insurers from the equation.
Brian Romanchuk was a fixed income quantitative analyst in Quebec.  His writings can be found on: